Welcome to the heartbeat of Canberra’s Tamil community! Dive into a world of vibrant culture and connections dedicated to Canberra Tamils. Tune into Tamil FM 91.1 for scintillating Tamil content shows that blend entertainment with insightful discussions, fostering a sense of togetherness. We are your bridge to the Tamil community, bringing you not just fun but also useful information that enriches your experience. Join us as we celebrate diversity, share laughter, and stay connected through the power of radio. Introducing our talented radio jockeys of Tamil FM 91.1, The radio show “Whistle podu” is to make you feel the same excitement and enjoyment when you whistle in a fun way with friends. We share with our listeners-about the vibrant Tamil culture, current trends , heart to soul talks and much more.. So every Wednesday 8pm to 9 pm Kaathu irunga, tune pannunga and whistle podunga!!! 
Vinoth Kumar: Vanakkam makkaley, I am your RJ Vinoth from Tamil FM. During the day, I break my head with computers but my evenings are fun with cricket, badminton, movies and laughter. I look forward to sharing those fun filled moments with you all. Even if you don’t follow me I will follow you from East West North & South…don’t worry only with my voice!!!! 
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22 May 2024, 9:15pm

22 May 2024, 9:15pm Whistle Podu Podcast – 2024-5-22 Whistle Podu Podcast – 2024-5-22

21 May 2024, 9:10pm

21 May 2024, 9:10pm Whistle Podu Podcast – 2024-5-15 Whistle Podu Podcast – 2024-5-15