KALAPU FOFO’ANGA (MEN’S KAVA FORUM) is made up of male members of the Tongan community of Canberra & Qbn. They meet at weekends at their club house in Charnwood where they are in a “talanoa” (talk) forum, which means sitting around the “kava bowl” and sharing stories about the community, family, church groups and other current issues which involves our homeland of Tonga and her people.

They hold forums based on Tongan tradition and culture. They learn and teach Tongan dancing and performances, music, the Kava ceremony to upcoming generations. They are very much involved with community activities and events, fundraise for any needs locally as well from our homeland of Tonga. They acknowledge and wants to preserve our customs and traditions which includes dancing and singing as well as the Tongan language and they teach our young generation, most of them were born in Australia or overseas, so they won’t lose their heritage.

Their motto is “LAU PE 2 KOE 1”.. WE COUNT EVERYONE AS ONE.