Training dates for July- August 2021– Community Broadcasters and CMS Volunteers

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The Community Media Training Organisation (CMTO) will be providing four trainings in July- August 2021 for CMS Radio broadcasters and volunteers. Training can be attended by new and existing CMS Radio volunteers! Note that all training is relevant to community broadcasting and community broadcasters, and is free for CMS Radio volunteers and members. Training sessions will take place online, on Saturdays, from 10 am- 2pm Sydney/ Canberra time.

  • 17th July- Governance– Are you a Board Member that’s stumped to find solutions to keep your station healthy? We suggest that you sign up to this course on how to develop, support and strengthen all operations at your station.
  • 24th July- Creating Social Media Content– Go where your listener goes and get active on social media. This session looks at how your station and program can engage with social media on different levels. From Facebook to Twitter and everything in between, learn how to make content that lives beyond the airwaves.
  • 7th August- Sponsorship & Fundraising– Generating revenue can be a difficult prospect to achieve for community radio stations. Fortunately, there are experts in our sector who can help you develop strategies to keep your station financially afloat.
  • 14th August- RPH Programming and Access– RPH Radio reading is the on-air live reading of newspapers, magazines and other publications that otherwise might be inaccessible to people with vision-impairment, blindness or other print disability.

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