About the Bosnian Program

The married couple that broadcasts together invites you in to their world where they weekly bring you the latest Bosnian news, news from the Bosnian community in Canberra, religion and playing Bosnian music from the 50’s all the way up to the latest music.

They report on the bigger news from Bosnia with main focus on subjects as politics, religion, sport, books, multicultural and health. They report on the challenges in Bosnia and how it is for a Bosnian to live in Australia and the importance of heritage. Tune in for a program that give you both difficult and easy subjects but they talk about it as simple as possible.

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1 Mar 2024, 6pm

1 Mar 2024, 6pm Bosnian Program

23 Feb 2024, 6pm

23 Feb 2024, 6pm Bosnian Program

16 Feb 2024, 6pm

16 Feb 2024, 6pm Bosnian Program

9 Feb 2024, 6pm

9 Feb 2024, 6pm Bosnian Program