The Farsi program started to invite everyone into an inclusive space. The program is reading out classic children's stories in Farsi for all the kids out there, so they can hear stories in their mother tongue. The program wants to create a space to educate regarding Australian culture and laws and bring up all the issues new arrivals may experience and therefore create an integration in a community that helps you when you're feeling down.

The Farsi program gives you the latest important world news and they go into the depth of the world of literature and poetry where they include all kinds of writers. Iran is a multicultural country with different dialects and to encourage inclusion they will play songs from all the different parts of Iran and to play Afghan music as well. They invite experts in where you as listeners can email in your questions. A psychologist is going to join the show on a regular basis and discuss different family issues and help you with your struggles and questions. The Farsi program includes shows with a strong connection with the community. 

Email in your questions.