Millions of Australians have already voted in the 2023 referendum heading into the final week. 

  • 2,212,581 people have voted at an early voting centre.
    • This compares to 2.0 million at the same stage of the 2022 federal election. 
  • 1,945,823 people have applied for a postal vote so far.
    • This compares to 2.5 million at the same stage of the 2022 federal election. 
  • 92,162 people have voted via an AEC mobile polling team.
    • This includes 19,194 in remote communities. 
    • Other mobile polling includes aged care facilities, mental health facilities and prisons. 

Australian Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said that early voting centres will remain open until Friday for people who cannot make it to a pollng place on Saturday 14 October. 

“If you’re busy on Saturday or aren’t certain of your circumstances then you need to plan where and when you’ll be able to cast your vote.” Mr Rogers said. 

“Voting in a referendum is compulsory.” 

Early voting centre locations, their opening days and hours are available on the AEC website.

In language information is accessible here.