Welcome to “Multicultural Matters- Mental Health Edition,” a safe space where we break down stigma, foster understanding, and highlight the resilience that comes from navigating mental health in multicultural contexts. In each episode, we delve into the intersections of culture and mental health, featuring insightful interviews with mental health advocates and practitioners, as well as medical professionals. Through this podcast, we hope to better understand how our communities view and respond to mental health in Canberra and the wider ACT region.

Each episode will feature one of five communities- Tamil, Urdu, Swahili, Nepali and Tongan. We also have two special bonus episodes for you featuring an interview with Dr Elizabeth Moore, Coordinator General, Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing, ACT Health and a Cross cultural panel with community broadcasters.

Together, let’s navigate the complexities, celebrate diversity, and cultivate a more compassionate understanding of mental well-being.

We are grateful to our broadcasters and the Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing, ACT Health for their support.

If your situation is life-threatening, call Triple 000 immediately for help or visit your nearest Emergency Department.

18 Oct 2023, 5:42pm

18 Oct 2023, 5:42pm Episode 1: Swahili episode with Titus, Jacky & Lilly This episode highlights what our Swahili storytellers knew about Mental Health, back when they were growing up and how that has changed as they grew up, and also as they interact with other cultures as immigrants in Australia. This episode talks about the stigmas and misconceptions associated with mental health, and highlights the support services available for persons living with mental illness.  Guest: Purity Goj Broadcasters: Lilly Rotich, Titus Rotich & Jacky Mbonzi

18 Oct 2023, 5:40pm

18 Oct 2023, 5:40pm Episode 2: Blue Trees with Preethi Arvind In this episode, Tamil broadcaster, Preethi Arvind chats to Dr Mugundhan Jeganathan – a GP practising medicine for 23 years now with extensive experience in anaesthesia, surgery, general practice and mental health. Together, we explore how mental health matters in multicultural communities sharing insights, stories, strategies to promote well being and mainly, how to access these resources to support one another in this journey.  Guest: Dr Mugundhan Jeganathan  Broadcaster: Preethi Arvind 

18 Oct 2023, 5:51pm

18 Oct 2023, 5:51pm Episode 3: Tokoni kihe Mo'ui Lelei Faka-'Atamai with Lavinia & Naite In this episode, our guest, Lavinia Pohiva, a Mental Health practitioner, touched on the stigma associated with mental health in our Tongan community and the repercussions of the pandemic and how it affected our young people. This episode brings to you candid and honest advice on parenting and the difference in raising our children who are born and bred in a foreign country (Australia) which is actually home to them in every sense of the word. It highlight the dilemmas they face when growing up in a Western culture and environment while still strongly attached to original homeland and its own culture and traditions which parents wish to instil in them. Title translation: Tokoni kihe Mo'ui Lelei Faka-'Atamai-  Guest: Lavinia Pohiva Broadcasters: Naite Hausia and Lavinia Tunitau

18 Oct 2023, 5:54pm

18 Oct 2023, 5:54pm Episode 4: Wellness Wisdom Waves with Pradeep Timalsina In this episode, the host, Mr Pradeep Timalsina, dives deep into the realms of mental health alongside the insightful Mrs. Supriya Gyawali. As a Mental Health Nurse and Clinical Manager, Supriya brings a wealth of experience and a compassionate heart to the discussions. Hailing originally from Nepal, she offers a unique perspective on the challenges faced by the Nepalese community and immigrants, shedding light on the nuances of mental health stigma. This episode also  explores  the waves of resilience, discussing the importance of social connectivity in our journey to mental well-being. Mrs. Gyawali not only shares her expertise but also provides valuable resources, including essential contact numbers in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), creating a lifeline for those seeking support.

18 Oct 2023, 6:19pm

18 Oct 2023, 6:19pm Episode 5: Culture of wellness with Sahana Sehgal Explore the intricacies of mental health across across in our latest episode! Join us as we bridge cultures, break stigmas, and share stories that transcend. Let's dive into the universal journey of well-being and discover the diverse ways different cultures navigate the landscape of mental health. It's a conversation that knows no borders—because mental health is a language we all speak. 

18 Oct 2023, 6:07pm

18 Oct 2023, 6:07pm Bonus Episode: Interview with Dr Elizabeth Moore, Office for Mental Health and Wellbeing


If you need immediate support and assistance call Access Mental Health on 1800 629 354 or 6205 1065 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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